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ID Tags for Kids

Having a child with a particular set of special needs is stressful for any parent. It can be as complex as a disorder like autism or epilepsy, or a major dietary restriction like gluten intolerance, diabetes, or an allergy. Whatever it is, your family and home must be adapted to meet the needs of your little one and ensure their safety.

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But what happens when your child is out and about? Older children can be taught about their needs and how to communicate them. But small kids, or ones who are nonverbal, might not be able to communicate the necessary information. This is where our lightweight, strong metal IDs come in. Designed similar to military dog tags, these engraved alert tags make it easy to ensure that your child has vital information on them at all times.

With a custom ID tag, your child has a lightweight, easy to read warning sign that may save his or her life or, at the very least, inform others about who to contact in an emergency. A child with a severe peanut allergy may not know just how careful they must be when it comes to monitoring the food products around them. A tag that summarizes the child's allergy and provides your phone number to call in case of an emergency is a must-have.

Informing teachers and the parents of classmates is one step towards ensuring your child's safety, but you can't control for all external interactions. A tag can identify your little one's needs, give a few emergency phone numbers, provide their address, and even give very brief instructions on how to help if the child is in need. When it comes to the safety of your little ones, there's no such thing as too much information!

Our tags come in seven different colors, and there are a variety of fonts to choose from. Each tag comes with belt clasp, a tag wrap to protect the edges from wear, and a necklace chain can be purchased for an additional $2. Engraving is included in the price of the tag, on both sides of the metal. On the front, you can engrave a name, quickly alert readers of your child's diagnosis with a single word, or choose from our available clip art. The back of the tag has five lines that can be engraved with up to 15 characters each. We are also happy to engrave custom characters; please contact us in order to get help with a special design.

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