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Baby Safety Products

Infants are precious, and their safety is the utmost priority for new parents. Our line of baby safety products will help you to make sure that your new bundle of joy is safe and sound, no matter what. We offer a variety of different supplies that provide security both inside and outside the home. Your worries and fears will vanish when you know that your little one is safe, whether it's a watchful ear to the nursery at night, or keeping them close to you by day.

Baby Monitors

Our line of baby monitors have been selected for their ability to go above and beyond the norm. They feature the latest technology in wireless audio and video, and the result is crystal-clear sound, reception, display and amplification. Monitors help you ensure the safety of your beloved baby in those moments when you can't be right next to him or her, and they're truly a must-have for any new parent. We are proud to offer products like the Snuza Halo, which goes beyond simple monitoring; it will alert you about your baby's movements throughout the night, giving you unprecedented, advanced peace of mind about their safety.

For parents on the go in their home, or for families with two very young children who may need monitoring, products like the Safety 1st Crystal Clear are lightweight, compact, and come with two receivers that stay connected over an amazing 400 foot range. And if audio simply won't do, the True View Color Video monitor lets you see how your little one is doing through a 2-inch screen on the parent unit. Whatever your baby's age, you can rest easier knowing that you'll hear every sound, cry, and giggle.

Baby Slings and Wraps

Safety is easy in the home; when it comes to the outside world, you're going to want to keep your little one close. Baby slings help you carry your infant against your chest, with an emphasis on comfort for both of you; they are fully adjustable, very secure, and leave your hands free.

Guardians have been wrapping their infants in slings for thousands of years; not only does it increase the bond between the two of you, but studies have shown that the practice may ease breastfeeding and help premature babies gain weight faster.

Our baby slings and wraps are double layered and 100% adjustable for ultimate comfort. They can be worn in a variety of different ways, so that your baby is close to your heart no matter where you go. We also offer comfortable car seat blankets, which will keep your little one snug and warm without impeding the safety features of standard car seats.